Sweet dreams for your pampered pooches

JANE EVANS has dreamed up a novel idea for the owners of pampered pooches – designer beds!

Jane runs Ninevah Farm Boarding Kennels alongside her husband James’ training stables at Mickleton near Chipping Campden. Her bedtime treats are taking off in a big way, and one Lake District pet-friendly hotel chain has installed them in each of their establishments where sleeping dogs are allowed to lie.

“I hit upon the idea by accident really, as we run a boarding kennels,” says Jane. “I always ask the owner where their animals sleep at home. If they say on their bed – which many do – then I know the dog will not take kindly to kennel life, so I suggest the owner brings along an old duvet or blanket familiar to the animal. That way they always seem to settle down much quicker.

It was from this that I got the idea of dog beds – not the usual dog box affair, but something a little different, more upmarket, a piece of furniture in its own right. It has just grown from there.”

The beds are all locally made by hand and then back at the kennels, Jane applies the finishing touches of paint and varnish. She does offer a conventional dog box to customers, but most are smitten by the miniature four poster, the traditional painted bed with matching quilt and pillow, or the elegantly upholstered chaise longue that make up her collection. As if this dog’s life lap of luxury were not enough, there are also ankle high dog bowl tables and the final touch – diamante padded leather collars for top dog walkies!

Her products are on show at various country and game fairs during the summer. Next March she will follow in the footsteps of her husband, a former steeplechase jockey – now trainer – to the Cheltenham Gold Cup meeting, where she will have a display of her exotic canine couches ready-made for dog-tired pets.

The beds start from £180 including mattress and quilts, dog bowl tables from £25 and diamante collars from £6.

Inquiries: www.thecotswolddogbedcompany.com or phone 01386 438921.