Tesco continues support for Red Tractor logo

Retailer Tesco has come out in support of the food quality assurance scheme following Sainsbury’s dropping of the Red Tractor logo from its food labels.

The supermarket says it will continue to carry the label on its products.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “As their biggest customer, we will continue to support British farmers and have no plans to remove the Red Tractor logo from our products.”

This news will be welcomed by many farmers and consumers, who took to the Farmers Weekly website to express their views on Sainsbury’s move.

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“This is disingenuous nonsense from Sainsbury’s. They sell tonnes of Irish beef, Danish pork and New Zealand lamb, so it is in their interests to ditch the Red tractor so that they can do their usual spin about “support for British farmers” whilst maximising their margins. How do they audit farm assurance in those countries for their “due diligence”? Boycott them. At least Tesco are more honest.”

“Will Sainsbury’s be dropping the Freedom Foods Label too? If not, they are discriminating against the two different assurance schemes.”

“Why cannot Sainsbury’s be proud to display and sell British and the logo highlights this to the shopper?”

“Typical, we finally have something that promotes and identifies produce as being British Through and through, and it is then ditched for “other” assurance schemes to avoid confusion. I have an idea, why don’t we ditch them and stick to the one scheme that promotes British farmers and producers.”

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