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Time is running out to have your say on the future of farming

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AHDB is a statutory levy board whose purpose is to inspire our farmers, growers and industry to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Time is running out for levy payers to sign up and have their say on the work AHDB does to support them. Farmers have until the 31st of March to register for Shape the Future to get your opinions heard.

The more farmers that respond, the more understanding AHDB will have of the industry’s needs and better inform its decisions about the work that is undertaken on your behalf.

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Whatever’s important to you, this is your chance to influence what AHDB focuses on over the next five years.

Whether that’s export work, market intelligence, protecting the industry’s reputation, recommended lists or technical guidance.

In April, once registered, you’ll be able to let them know the biggest challenges facing the industry how you’d like to see your levy invested.

You’ll be contacted by email and asked for your thoughts on a number of areas.

Firstly, we’ll ask you about the big issues facing your sector. You’ll be presented with a list that has been identified by our sector councils, who are your representatives within AHDB.

You’ll be asked how strongly you agree that these are right on a scale of 1-5.

For example a priority for the Dairy sector might be ‘Protecting the reputation of Dairy and promoting its benefits to consumers’ or for Cereals and Oilseeds, a priority could be ‘Tackling pest, weed and disease pressures with less chemistry available, and implement greater integrated pest management (IPM)’.

There’ll also be an opportunity for you to tell us anything else that you think we’ve missed.

Secondly, we’ll outline the things that AHDB does to address those big issues. You’ll be asked to rank how important each bit of work is to you. For example, for Dairy this might be ‘How we promote Dairy exports to overseas markets’ or for Pork ‘our work to improve animal health and welfare, reduce disease and demonstrate high standards’.

Thirdly, you’ll be asked to endorse new appointments to the Sector Council, which replace the old boards and take more responsibility for the direction of AHDB’s work.

The Sector Councils are your representatives within AHDB. They make decisions on how your levy is invested and will use your feedback to shape AHDB’s five-year plan of work to support your sector.

In order to have your say, you must register before 31 March.

Register today

Your feedback helps put your views at the heart of AHDB and offers reassurance that decisions are made with your best interests in mind.