Tories announce ‘Dairy Summit’ to help struggling milk producers

Representatives from across the industry are being brought together to look at ways to secure the future of the British dairying.

The Dairy Summit, to be held by the Conservatives, will discuss how the industry can go forward amidst the collapse of Dairy Farmers of Britain, falling milk prices and producers leaving the industry.

Jim Paice, shadow agriculture minister, said the collapse of DfoB was a “devastating blow” for dairy farmers and highlighted the precarious position of the industry.

“Ministers cannot continue to stand by while the countryside and our security of supplies are undermined by the exodus of dairy farmers,” he said.

“It is therefore our job as the opposition to bring together representatives of producers, processors and retailers.

“With 14% of producers planning to leave the industry within two years, we cannot wait until a general election to explore ways forward at time when confidence is at dangerously low ebb.”

While the collapse of DFoB was beyond the control of ministers, Mr Paice said the Government needed to work to put the industry on a secure and sustainable footing,

“With demand for dairy products continuing to grow it is vital that the Government does what it can to create the conditions in which the industry can thrive,” he added.

The Dairy Summit will be held at the House of Commons on 17 July.