UK pigmeat prices hold firm

UK PIGMEAT prices are holding remarkably firm for the time of year, but face a rising challenge from imports.

Meat traders are reporting Irish imported carcases as low as 112p/kg (ex head and feet) with lamb and beef markets also being hit by cheap imports.

EU-wide producer prices this week are quoted at an average of 92.5p/kg deadweight.

This week the Euro Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price held firm at 106.26p, but spot values have eased a shade.

Non-contract bacon abattoirs have been quoting in the 106–110p/kg range with cutters worth 2–4p/kg more.

Contract base prices have remained almost static, in line with the DAPP.

The improving value of the euro, which closed on Friday, July 22, at 69.5p will help to keep some imports at bay.

The euro has strengthened significantly compared with last year when it was worth just 66.1p.

Sow values have remained generally firm within a fairly wide 72–76p/kg range.

Weaner prices continue to reflect the availability of cheaper feed with off-the-combine grain at little more than £60/t.

The Meat and Livestock Commission’s 30kg average of £34.90/head ex farm is holding up well at similar levels.