UK red meat offal exports grow

The UK exported a fifth more red meat offal in the first quarter of 2012 than the same time last year, according to data from HM Revenue & Customs.

With exports totalling 13,700t and higher prices being paid, the total value of sales increased by 37%, to £12.2m. “This increase in trade was against a drop in production of 5%,” said a report by AHDB Meat Services.

Pig offal made up well over half of the trade, at 9,100t – 22% up on last year’s levels.

“The main destination was The Netherlands, which accounted for over a quarter of shipments.” Asian countries also took a significant proportion, and the overall value of sales increased by 56%, to £7m.

Exports of sheep offal almost doubled to 1,300t, said the report. “The vast majority of these shipments were destined for the EU. However the importance of the non-EU market grew, accounting for over a fifth of shipments compared with only 9% a year before.” Higher prices meant the value of exports nearly doubled to £1.6m.

In contrast, beef offal sales fell slightly to 3,300t, with beef production 8% down due to fewer cattle being slaughtered.























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