Website to improve resource efficiency

South-west farmers can now access a new website designed to help them boost profitability through more efficient use of farm resources.

The website, developed by the Rural Business School at Duchy College, and funded by the Rural Development Programme, offers practical advice on how to make better use of resources like manure, water and energy, to reduce input costs and improve efficiencies.

“We know there is a bewildering mass of information for farmers on the internet,” said Andrew Counsell, head of Duchy College. “Farmers do not have a lot of time to spend surfing the net so we have produced an easy-to-understand web guide to the essential practices that will help farm businesses become more economic and resilient.”

The site would include seasonal information and news, case studies and decision-making tools, based on science and practical experience, said Stephen Roderick, manager of the South West Agricultural Resource Management project. “The site will help show that sustainable agriculture means more profit for the farming community.”

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