Welsh meat exports worth more than £100m

New figures show that Welsh lamb and beef exports were worth almost £108m in 2008, with lamb accounting for over £91m of the total.

Rees Roberts, chairman of Hybu Cig Cymru (Meat Promotion Wales), will reveal the figures today (Monday) to French meat importers and retailers at the Paris Press Club.

It is the first time such detailed financial Welsh statistics for sales throughout Europe, the Middle East, Singapore and Hong Kong have been published.

“These figures emphasise the importance of red meat exports, particularly lamb, to the economy of Wales,” Mr Roberts will claim.

The sales were founded on the quality of products that were respected in Europe and further afield, and demand was continuing to grow.

Mr Roberts announced that in 2008 France alone imported £66.5m worth of Welsh lamb, and beef valued at more than £2.5m.

Belgium bought £6.13m worth of Welsh lamb and Italy spent £5.83 on the branded product and £2.2m on Welsh beef.

But the biggest user of Welsh beef was The Netherlands, which imported £4.5m worth.

Mr Roberts will also point out that Welsh lamb worth almost £220,000 was shipped to countries in the Middle and Far East and that successful trade missions were building demand.

The Welsh red meat industry employed 33,000 people, making it a crucially important sector of the Welsh economy.