Advice on entering and exiting the farming industry

New talent is essential for the lifeblood of any industry and agriculture is no exception – which is why Farmers Weekly has pulled together a whole range of content on the opportunities for people at the start of their careers.

The next generation will be crucial to the successful delivery of the huge opportunity that the global market and increasing population presents British agriculture.

Yet the struggles young people and new entrants face if they want to establish a farm in their own right are well documented.

Challenges include high land prices, a CAP that stifles innovation, no fiscal or tax incentive for retiring farmers and a shortage of affordable housing.

But despite all these challenges there has never been a more exciting time to farm and there are people who are making it work.

There are also some amazing opportunities for careers in the wider farming and food supply chain. It’s not all about hands-on farming.

We wanted to showcase the opportunities there are out there, possible career options and offer practical advice.

While traditional avenues into agriculture, such as council farms, are diminishing, we showcase other methods of getting a foothold on the ladder.

If you want inspiration, look no further than Stephen Withers and Neil Sandilands, who provide a great example of how share farming can be rewarding for both parties when based on trust and common goals.

Sometimes what’s needed is creative thinking. Our three case studies of farmers who have found their own niche show the power of thinking laterally.

Encouraging people to grasp business opportunities will also be the aim of an exciting free conference for young farmers, which Farmers Weekly, will run in November.

For those further along the farming route, we’ve also got some great advice to help make succession and retirement planning easier.

No one is saying forging a career in farming is easy. Our profile of Nick Cavill, who built a successful dairy career, shows you need to be committed, driven, flexible, determined, passionate and, above all, you need to work hard. But then, nothing in life worth having comes easy.

Whatever your age, hopefully our coverage will offer food for thought. If you are affected by any aspect of this subject, get in touch. We’d really like to hear your story.

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