Farmers Apprentice 2020: Bootcamp in pictures

Farmers Apprentice finalists

The 10 finalists have battled it out at bootcamp.

It was a full-on week which saw them put through their mental and physical paces as they vied to take home the coveted title of Farmers Apprentice 2020.

Hosted by farmer Robert Neill on his Roxburghshire farm, the process marked the culmination of this competition, which gives 18- to 25-year-olds the chance to showcase their skills and learn about agriculture.

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The contestants came from across the country and from all backgrounds – some had grown up on farms, others weren’t from farming families.

They all had some things in common, though – a passion for agriculture, a determination to forge a successful career in the sector and a desire to win.

They took part in a range of challenges, testing their practical, technical and business skills.

Meanwhile, Robert and other leading figures from agriculture also assessed other attributes, such as their interpersonal skills and ability to learn.

“Amazing”, “exhausting” and “unforgettable” were just three of the words the contestants used to describe the experience.

The winner will be announced in the 30 October issue of Farmers Weekly. Meanwhile, here’s a flavour of the action – and this unique event – in pictures.

© Tom Askew-Miller

The top 10 who made it to bootcamp were (from left): Flori Catling, Helena Eaton, Rebecca Williams, Charlie Tester, Lucy Dickinson, Jos Rowlands, Ben Sell, Toby Smith, Jess Langton and Jess Palmer

Farmers Apprentice 2020: drone operating

© Tom Askew-Miller

Jess and Toby get to grips with a drone in one of the arable-related exercises

Farmers Apprentice 2020: Digital mapping

© Tom Askew-Miller

It’s digital mapping time for Flori and Jos

Farmers Apprentice 2020: checking the sheep are logged correctly

© Tom Askew-Miller

Charlie checks the tech to ensure the sheep have been properly logged

Farmers Apprentice 2020: The judges

© Tom Askew-Miller

FW editor Karl Schneider and farmers Robert and Jacqueline Neill grill contestants on their business proposals

Farmers Apprentice 2020

© Tom Askew-Miller

Karl blows the starting horn for the baling challenge

Farmers Apprentice 2020: Stocking sheep

© Tom Askew-Miller

Rebecca busy stock-moving

Farmers Apprentice 2020

© Tom Askew-Miller

Jos showcasing his skills in the cattle shed

Watch Farmers Apprentice

You can meet the finalists and watch all episodes of the on the  Farmers Apprentice website starting with the first episode on Friday 23 October and the winner being announced on 30 October.

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