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Farmers Apprentice is a Farmers Weekly initiative, working with industry partners, aimed at helping young people from all walks of life to get into farming.

Ten young apprentices are selected from applications to take part in a Farmers Apprentice bootcamp, which teaches and tests the apprentices on a range of practical and technical farming tasks.

The winner is awarded a prize, which varies year to year, in 2018 the prize is a grant of £10,000.

Read all of the news from the Apprentice below and you can visit the Farmers Apprentice website for more information.

Advice and tips

8 tips for starting your own agribusiness

Hannah Moule, 34, launched rural surveying firm Moule & Co in 2010 from her parents’ kitchen table with a laptop, a car and a handful of local clients. In five…


A beginner's guide to careers in agriculture and farming

Some people find the idea of a career in agriculture hilarious. They think it is all mud, wellies and sticking your arm up the business end of a cow. But…

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Farmers Apprentice: Where are they now?

Farmers Apprentice 2016 was an intensive week of challenges and rewards, late nights and early starts, teamwork and stiff competition. It pushed 10 young aspiring farmers to their limits and…

Farming careers: Working for Farmcare

Agricultural careers are not just about driving tractors or tending to livestock but include a variety of professional roles. We talk to the business change officer at Farmcare about what…

Take on a trainee to boost your sheep business

Mentoring enthusiastic new entrants could help existing sheep farmers bridge a knowledge and labour gap and provide an essential “energy buzz” to help drive their business forward. Somerset sheep farmer…

Meet the 2014 Farmers Apprentice winner

After seven months, more than 250 applicants and one very intensive, week-long bootcamp the search to find Britain’s brightest, young farming talent in the Farmers Apprentice competition is over. Sarah…

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Case studies


'Farmers Apprentice is of the best things I've done'

Having emerged as winner of Farmers Apprentice in the summer of 2016, it was just a matter of weeks before Joe Weston arrived in the yard of an East Yorkshire…

Farming careers: Global product manager at New Holland

Dan Halliday is a global product manager for precision farming at New Holland, based in Burr Ridge, Chicago. He was born and bred in Leicestershire and finds himself in the US…

Farming careers: Working in the food retail industry

Farming is only one of the professions available in the field of agriculture. The relationship between supermarkets and farmers is getting closer and this is opening up new career opportunities.…

Farming careers: Agricultural development manager

Agriculture offers a diverse range of jobs in the food supply chain and the retail sector has many career options for people with agricultural experience and qualifications. Will Jackson has…

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Farmers Apprentice 2018: What makes a winner?

The Farmers Apprentice bootcamp (15-20 July) will be an action-packed, fun-filled week when our shortlisted contestants will go head to head. They'll be put through their paces in a series of…

Farming: 11 professions rolled into one

We want to highlight what farmers are really like, rather than the checked shirt-wearing, hay-chomping, cider-drinking stereotypical image. OK, so they are actually all those things – but farming is a multifaceted…

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2018 Farmers Apprentices survival strategy for bootcamp

The Farmers Apprentice is a unique opportunity for young people aged 18-25 who have their hearts set on a career in agriculture, with a £10,000 prize on offer to kick-start the…

Calling 18-25 year olds: Get yourself to bootcamp

The 2016 Farmers Apprentice is on the hunt for bright young talent, aged 18-25 years, to take part in a week long residential bootcamp at Bishop Burton agricultural college near…

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Meet the 2018 Farmers Apprentice finalists

The Farmers Apprentice is a unique opportunity for young people aged 18-25 who have their hearts set on a career in agriculture. With the applications for this year’s competition read…


Farmers Apprentice 2018: What could you do with £10,000?

The Farmers Apprentice competition is a unique opportunity for young people who have their hearts set on a career in agriculture. FW catches up with previous winners to find out…


Harper Adams to host Farmers Apprentice bootcamp

The venue for this year’s Farmers Apprentice bootcamp will be Harper Adams University in Shropshire. It’s a perfect fit – a competition that attracts hugely talented youngsters being held at…


Enter now for Farmers Apprentice 2018

Passionate about farming, food and the whole land-based sector? Ambitious? Got what it takes to go all the way? If so, we want to hear from you – because Farmers…

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Farmers Apprentice Episode 6: Connecting Food and Farming

It is day four of Farmers Apprentice 2016 and in this episode the finalists head off farm to work with the Co-op at the Great Yorkshire Show. The apprentices will be…


Farmers Apprentice episode 5: Hands on

We’re half way through the third day of Farmers Apprentice bootcamp. The practical challenges continue with our young apprentices getting hands on with welding and assessing pigs. Watch the latest…


Farmers Apprentice episode 4: Getting Practical

On day three of bootcamp, the young apprentices roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, as the focus shifts to some of the more practical skills needed by…


Farmers Apprentice 2016 episode 3: Tackling technology

In episode three our apprentices get the chance to work with some of the most exciting new technology being used in farming today. They test their abilities at operating advanced…

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