Photos: Highlights from Farmers Apprentice bootcamp 2016

Ten of the brightest young agricultural hopefuls, all looking for a career in farming, gathered at Bishop Burton College last month for Farmers Apprentice bootcamp.

Chosen from more than 300 who answered the call for applicants, the 10 finalists were put through five days of tough challenges, designed to test their performance across the wide range of skills needed to succeed in 21st century farming.

The prize: a one-year £25,000 placement as an apprentice farm manager with top agriculture business FarmCare.

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Farmers Apprentice is Farmers Weekly’s response to the challenge of recruiting the best young business minds into agriculture.

It showcases the excitement and challenge of modern farming, and provides a platform for dynamic young people to get their first foot on the farming ladder.

Bootcamp begins

Ten bootcamp-contestants

The 10 contestants arrive for the Farmers Apprentice bootcamp 2016 © Richard Stanton

Our judges

Di Wastenage and Farmers Weekly editor Karl Schneider

Farners Apprentice 2016 judges: Di Wastenage and Farmers Weekly editor Karl Schneider © Richard Stanton

Work wardrobe

Farmers Apprentice contestants in overalls

The contestants get kitted out ready for another day of tasks © Richard Stanton

 At the cow wash

Two men examine a cow

Contestants Sam and Tom get their hands dirty with a non-compliant cow © Richard Stanton

Weld class

Farmers Apprentice contestants attempt a welding challenge

Finalists are given a welding masterclass ahead of a practical skills task © Richard Stanton

She’s a natural

A Farmers Apprentice contestant stands amongst men with cameras

Lucy takes some time out to brush up on her PR skills © Richard Stanton

Down-to-earth folk

Farmers Apprentice contestants carry out a task

Sean MacGill from Bayer and Karl look on as one of our teams examine their soil pit © Richard Stanton

On a wing and a prayer

Farmers Apprentice contestants work on a drone

The bootcamp finalists get to grips with some modern farming technology © Richard Stanton

Cabin fever

Farmers Apprentice contestants attempt a driving challenge

Contestants Lucy and Florence get up to speed with New Holland’s Jason Toogood © Richard Stanton

Standout performers

Farmers Weekly contestants on a stall

One of the Farmers Apprentice teams prepare their stand for another day of challenges © Richard Stanton

Well presented

Farmers Apprentice contestant-gives a presentation

Sam is obviously at home being centre stage © Richard Stanton

Meaty subject

Farmers Apprentice contestant gives a lesson in meat

Contestant Tom giving a tutorial on the finer points of pork cuts © Richard Stanton

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