Video: JLS star says farming was always his post-pop plan

Former popstar and Celebrity MasterChef contestant JB Gill admits setting up a farm was in his plan before leaving boyband JLS.

Speaking to Farmers Weekly about his move into farming, Mr Gill said deer farming was something he considered while he was still in the band.

“A close friend of mine mentioned to me about deer farming, as his family had dabbled in it. For me, it was a great option at the time, as I was busy with JLS and could use the land, but also not have to be too hands-on as they could just look after themselves.”

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Although Mr Gill hasn’t yet set-up a deer farm and only has wild deer on his 4.5ha farm in Kent, he has got some chickens and pigs and plans to expand.

Mr Gill has three Tamworth sows and four chickens, three of which came from Adam Henson’s farm.

He adds: “I went to an RSPCA shelter to find a dog and ended up coming back with Ginger, my Tanworth pig.”

Mr Gill still plans on setting up a deer farm in the future and is passionate about producing food.

“Food is such a big thing – people want to know where food is coming from and there is a wealth of opportunity in farming and the food industry in general,” he said.

Watch the full interview with JB Gill and Sky News presenter Philippa Hall.