Free job hunting advice in farming careers e-book

Get job hunting advice in free e-book 

Farmers Weekly has compiled a careers e-book packed with advice on securing a job in agriculture.

Included in the online guide are summaries of some of the main farm-based jobs – including shepherd, machinery technician, farm manager and dairy herdsman – outlining the key skills required, likely salaries and tips on how to progress.

The e-book also covers:

> How to use social media to find your next job, with expert advice from David Williams of Country Mile Recruitment.

> How to tackle psychomentric tests, which are becoming increasing popular with employers.

> Do’s and don’ts for writing CVs and covering letters.

> Tips on creating a rapport in face-to-face interviews.

> When it’s appropriate to negotiate a higher salary, and how to do it.

Click here to download Farmers Weekly’s Career e-book.

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