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William Hinton

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In 2014, Farmers Weekly put 10 young farmers through their paces at the Farmers Apprentice bootcamp. They were given a range of challenges to test their practical farming and business skills. It was roller coaster of a ride for all the apprentices, but William Hinton eventually won the competition, walking away with £10,000 to start his own sheep dairying business.

Below we’ve put together some of our favourite moments from the 2014 series as a reminder of the highs and lows of an extraordinary week.

Becky showing the boys how it’s done

We’ve never seen a job attacked with such ferocity as when the 21-year-old farmhand from Warwickshire, Becky Thorpe commandeered a spade to dig a hole in a field. Becky proved she was more than a match for the boys in the group when it came to handling Farmcare’s cultivations task in Episode 2.

Carwyn’s passionate speech about George Brown

It seems we created something of a farming idol in 2012 Farmers Apprentice winner George Brown. Particularly for 19-year-old, Carwyn James from Pembrokshire, who’s eulogising speech about George came pouring out in the diary shed after Bayer CropScience’s weed identification challenge in Episode 4.

Richard’s ‘farmer’s son’ nightmare

Farmer’s sons face more pressure than most in this competition because there is an expectation that they will have a bit more experience. However, when the pressure mounts anything can happen, as 18-year-old farmer’s son, Richard Bradley from Cambridgeshire found out in Anglia Farmer’s crop budgeting challenge in Episode 5.

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Rebecca’s love of cows and… Carwyn?

When the time came to prepare the Easton & Otley herd of pedigree Holsteins for showing in Episode 6, cow-mad, 21-year-old, Rebecca Kelsall from Cheshire found the whole experience slightly overwhelming. Not least because of a certain young Welshman’s similar passion for bovines.

Sam’s school canteen moment

You know that moment in the school canteen when someone drops their tray in the middle of the floor and the whole room starts cheering? Unfortunately, a similar thing happened to 20-year-old Sam Gosling from Stafford, involving a box of spanners during New Holland’s combine maintenance task in Episode 3. Sam, we feel your pain.

Catherine’s 4.30am start

The girls punishment for losing the McDonald’s online innovation challenge in Episode 1 was an early start to milk the cows. Some of the girls were ready for it. Some were not. Catherine Corbett, 20, from Wiltshire was not the happiest with the 4.30am start. 

A speechless Charlie

We’ve all been there. That moment when your brain inexplicably fails and you completely forget what you were about to say. Despite his passion for peanuts, 23-year-old Scotsman, Charlie Innes’s diary shed entry left viewers lost for words.

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