Know How / Dairy

In a tough dairy market, with growing volatility and uncertainty, our Know How area aims to help you make your dairy business more resilient and profitable.

This is your starting point for lowering your cost of production, improving grass from forage and reducing reliance on antibiotics and improving cow health and welfare.

Key areas of focus:

  • Reducing costs to deliver a profitable business
  • Improving cow comfort, health and welfare
  • Increasing milk from forage
  • Meeting milk contract requirements
  • Breeding cows to suit your system

Latest Know How


How swapping jobs with dairy farm owner helped a new entrant

An owner and farmworker have swapped places on a dairy farm on the Welsh Borders. The reversal of roles for semi-retired farmer Philip Davies and his former herd manager, Hannah…


How adviser's dairy foot health focus improved milk yields

Veterinary lameness expert Sara Pedersen is seeing real progress in improving the foot heath of the nation’s dairy herds, a problem that is estimated by the Royal Veterinary College to…


How 4 once-a-day milking options affect profitability

Reducing milking frequency to once a day can cut the workload for dairy farmers. However, a new report commissioned in Wales by Farming Connect has shown that for some businesses,…


What can be done to prevent bluetongue virus?

Insecticides and repellents will not prevent cattle and sheep from being infected with bluetongue virus, scientists are warning. Bluetongue virus (BTV) is an infectious, non-contagious virus spread by Culicoides biting…

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