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With processors beginning to place greater rewards on milk quality and constituents it can be important for a farm business to look at breeding, feeding and parlour routines to boost milk quality and the farmgate price. Meanwhile, the growth of dairy-sired beef and veal is offering dairies more marketing options for its calves.

Here we provide insights into how to maximize your milk cheque and make the best out of your cull cows and youngstock.

Case studies

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How one dairy farm set up a processing unit to sell direct

A dairy farming couple are using their expertise in food manufacturing to process their own milk from their Holstein Friesian herd and sell direct to customers. Lawrence and Izabela Hembrow…


How South African dairy farms are surviving rising costs

South African dairy farmers are concerned that Brexit could cause more cheap milk from the UK and Europe to be dumped on to their already struggling market. Being in a…


Single source milk deal secures Cumbrian farmer's future

A demand for consistent milk qualities and high butterfat to make frothy coffees has opened the door to a new market for the Harrington family in Plumpton, Penrith. Phil Harrington,…


How switching to A2 milk can pay off

At 30p/litre, the price paid for the A2 milk produced at Bridge Farm in Shropshire is the financial incentive that first convinced Neale Sadler to restructure his herd to include…


Barista milk diversification saves struggling dairy

While many farmers perceive milk price volatility as a growing threat to their business, Lancashire entrepreneur Joe Towers saw it as an chance to save his family’s struggling dairy farm.…

Practical advice

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So you want to... set up a milk vending machine?

With about one-fifth of farmers planning to diversify to survive after Brexit, according to a recent NFU Mutual report, milk vending machines could prove an attractive option to add value…


Video: 10 steps to excellent calf handling in the ring

There is a lot to think about in the show ring, and a lot at stake. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time stepping into the ring, there is a…


6 ways livestock farmers can improve carcass eating quality

Carcass defects and poor eating quality of meat cost the livestock sector millions of pounds a year, yet simple steps could be taken on farm that would minimise losses. Research…


6 ways dairy producers can raise milk hygiene levels

UK dairy farmers may be faced with meeting new milk hygiene levels in the future. Alison Cox global agriculture application specialist with Deosan looks at how you can improve hygiene…


How to minimise milk fat depression

With many milk contracts in both the UK and USA now rewarding farmers for higher butterfat production, understanding what influences its production and how to reduce it is key. A…


How a Danish dairy is hitting 11,000kg at 4% fat

In the second part of our series on how farmers can lift milk solids production, Aly Balsom speaks to a Danish farmer to find out how his multi-cut silage system…



3 key ingredients for milk contracts

Many UK dairy farmers are either fully or part way through converting to being paid for full milk solids rather than volume and yet I still see arguments by farmers that…


August bull proof sees shift towards high fat and protein

The latest profitable lifetime index (PLI) genetic rankings for daughter-proven Holstein bulls, published today (9 August) by AHDB Dairy, continue to show a shift towards fat and protein improvers, to…


A farmers' guide to selling unpasteurised milk

Milk that leaves the farm at £1.20/litre is very appealing in the current climate. But what does selling unpasteurised milk really involve?  Plenty of farming families are fans of milk…