Agritechnica: Lindner wows audience with four-wheel-steer tractor

One of the quirkier tractor launches came from Lindner, a company that currently doesn’t sell into the UK.

The Austrian maker is popular in hilly regions thanks to its low centre of gravity which means it can work on alpine-style slopes of up to 60%, but it was its unusual four-wheel steer tractor that drew in the punters.

Perkins provides the power for the Lintrac 90, with a 102hp four-cylinder turbo diesel and max engine torque of 420Nm. That drives through a ZF stepless transmission.

Wheels are laid out conventionally with big ones at the back and little ones up front, but being able to turn the rear ones by 20deg brings the Lintrac’s turning circle down to just 7m, as opposed to 9m, with the rear wheels locked straight.

It also means it can be driven crab-style and should make a more manoeuvrable loader tractor than a fixed-rear-wheel machine.

There’s another familiar name in the hydraulics department, with a Bosch-Rexroth pump pushing out 88 litres/min to two double acting spools. Total weight is 3,750kg and the price is €77,000.

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