Farmers Weekly Awards: Nominate your 2021 Farming Champion

Farmers Weekly is giving readers the chance to share their nominations for Farming Champion 2021 – a very special award recognising an individual’s unique contribution to farming.

Last year’s winner was Welsh dairy farmer Abi Reader, whose hard work engaging with the public and building contacts in the media really came to fruition in terms of flying the flag for farming in lockdown.

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In 2019, Norfolk poultry farmer Patrick Joice won the award for helping to change countless farmers’ lives for the better by raising awareness of mental health issues before he sadly passed away.

Other previous winners include Sylvia Crocker, who went on a mission to get supermarkets to display milk in more prominent in-store spots, and headteacher Neil Satoor, who collaborated with a local farmer to educate children about agriculture.

Together with the NFU, which is sponsoring this award, we are looking for an individual who has worked hard to promote or represent our industry – someone who has gone over and above the call of duty to support farming and farmers.

They might be doing it on their own or as part of a bigger group or organisation, and it might be happening on their own farm or elsewhere.

So maybe a relative, neighbour, friend or colleague of yours could have the right credentials? It might even be you. Or perhaps it’s someone you’ve never met, but whose achievements and efforts on behalf of farming, the countryside, food and the ancillary sectors you admire.

They might, for example, be running a campaign, doing educational work, raising public awareness or even developing business models, technology or practices that will benefit many producers and growers. Whatever they’re doing, they will be going the extra mile.

How to make a nomination

Just send an email, telling us who you’d like to nominate, and why, and include any supporting information if you can. We’ll even keep your name confidential if you ask us to.

Email your nomination to before 30 June.

Farmers Weekly Awards 2021

The 2021 Farmers Weekly Champion of the Year Award is sponsored by the NFU.

Join Farmers Weekly in celebrating the farming industry and recognising the hard work of UK farmers.

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