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Farmers Weekly Awards: Farm Innovator finalists 2020

The best farms never stay the same and the best farmers never stand still. Whether integrating new technologies and techniques, or finding new ways of working and business arrangements, the…


Farmers Weekly Awards 2020: Livestock Adviser of the Year

Livestock farmers are under pressure to become more efficient, cut antibiotics use and embrace more sustainable methods, so the most up-to-date advice is essential going forward. Our three adviser finalists…


Farmers Weekly Awards: Environmental Champion finalists 2020

Farming is more than just a business. Farmers are caretakers of the land and always aim to leave it in a better state than they found it. This year, farmers…


Farmer Weekly Awards 2020: Farm manager of the year finalists

The 2020 farm manager finalists share some common challenges. All strive for top technical performance and are experimenting, looking for marginal gains and increasingly questioning input use. They nurture and…


Farmers Weekly Awards: Beef Farmer finalists 2020

Improving profitability by focusing on delivering a top quality product to the end user was a recurrent theme among all of this year's finalists, with visits to three very different…


FW Awards: Arable Adviser of the Year finalists 2020

A tight field of entries means just two agronomists are battling it out for the biggest prize in arable advice. At different stages of their careers, they both go the…

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Celebrating the best of British farming

Farmers Weekly Awards celebrate the very best of British farming by recognising and rewarding innovation, hard work and passion for agriculture.

This year’s awards will feature 15 categories celebrating farmers and companies that are leading the way in building a future that inspire others to match or exceed their accomplishments.

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5 tips for compiling a top Farmers Weekly Awards entry

We know farmers are very busy, especially as spring gets under way, so we have produced a simple guide to help you save some time.
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Farm business tips from Farmers Weekly Award winners

Building a successful farm business doesn’t happen overnight – it takes great ideas, passion, determination and years of hard work to see it through.
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Farmers Weekly Awards winners – on farming and winning

Farmers Weekly’s annual awards aim to put the spotlight on the farming industry by celebrating great farmers and great farming practices across the sectors.
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Video: What’s it like to be Farmers Weekly Awards winner

We speak to Farmers of the Year 2015, Peter and Di Wastenage on their dairy farm in Devon to find out what it’s like to win not one, but two Farmers Weekly Awards.
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Previous winners: Where are they now?


What causes seasonal infertility in pigs and how to manage it

Infertility often spikes during late summer and early autumn. Dr Grant Walling, director of science and technology at breeding company JSR, offers some ways to manage breeding problems this summer.…


Beef sector lacks incentive for meat quality, farmers say

Processors and supermarkets are missing out on opportunities to grow the value of beef by failing to pay farmers a premium for meat with good eating quality. That’s the conclusion…


How beef farmers are making 15p/kg more in joint venture

Joining a grazing discussion group has provided Charley and Andrea Walker with a solution to relieve pressure on their grassland during dry weather. The Walkers' Barnside Farm in the Scottish…


How egg producer uses social media to reach customers

For a farming business that depends on customer contact, social media has become an indispensable tool for Susie MacMillan, who runs the Mac’s Farm organic egg enterprise in Sussex. Winner…