VIDEO: Farmers as you’ve never seen them before

Armed with a camera we managed to capture the Farmers Weekly Awards night as it has never been seen before.

To the tune of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing hundreds of you volunteered your voices and dance moves to create the first ever Farmers Weekly music video.

An all-star cast including ex-farm minister Jim Paice, Farmers Weekly editor Jane King and 2012 Farmers Weekly Awards director Debbie Beaton, last year’s winner Charlie Russell and this year’s winner Guy Poskitt bring you farming’s biggest night out in sensational style.

This film needs no further introduction other than to credit the musical maestro behind it, Daisy Jenks, who ensured you all pulled out your slickest moves. Enjoy and see you all next year.

Farmers Weekly Awards from Daisy Jenks on Vimeo.

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