Cereals 2014: Kverneland strip-tiller adjusts fertiliser depth

Cultivation kit builders are falling over each other to make a strip-tillage machine this year as demand for more economical tillage systems continues to rise.

Kverneland’s version should be ready for full production in 2015, although a few models will be leaving the factory doors this year. The design is standard strip-till fare with two leading gauge wheels ahead of a narrow cutting disc. A pair of discs clear trash to form a path for the leg, which is sandwiched by another two discs to limit soil throw. There’s the choice of three press wheels at the back.

The Kultistrip is designed to run alone or with a front fertiliser tank. The latter feeds a separate fertiliser leg, which sits directly behind the shank and can be adjusted to vary the depth that the fertiliser is applied.

Cost for a 3m model is £16,000, and pricing is bound to get competitive with so many options now on the market.