Cereals 2014: Meredith offers solution to heavy fert spreaders

Cereals first-timers Meredith Engineering caught the eye of passing browsers with its solution to the ballooning size of tractor-mounted fertiliser spreaders.

Meredith was started by three farming brothers a decade ago and builds around 25 fertiliser spreader bogies and combine header trailers each spring at its farming base in County Laois, Ireland.

Its range of colour-coded bogies will carry spinners of all shapes and sizes, spreading the weight across either a single or tandem axle to reduce ground pressure. They should also eliminate the gradual change in the height and pitch of the spreader as it empties, which you’d find if it were hooked directly on to the tractor linkage.

The other obvious advantage is tractor size – even Bogballe’s swimming-pool-sized six-tonner can be pulled by something comparatively tiny, rather than the 400hp tracklayer you might ordinarily need. Scuffing is the obvious concern with pulling a bogie, but the company plans to introduce steering axles to keep things tidy on the headland.

Oil-filled dampers should take the shock out of heavy bumps and four-wheel hydraulic brakes are available on the biggest. It weighs 1,500kg, comes on 550/45 R22.5 rubber and will set you back £7,750.