Cereals 2015: 4 diesel AdBlue bowsers

As more and more tractors and combines need to be refilled with AdBlue as well as diesel, a dual-fuel bowser is fast-becoming a useful piece of kit. Here are four you might consider.

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Tanks R Us 


© Jonathan Page

Tanks R Us builds its solid-looking diesel and Adblue bowsers in the UK using metal tanks and a galvanised chassis.

One of the more popular versions is the one that holds 1,000 litres of diesel and 200 litres of AdBlue in a separate stainless-steel tank. This has a sight glass to view levels as well as its own 12V pump and dispenser.

Diesel is dispensed at the rear through a 85-litre/min metered pump with inline filter and the whole lot is stowed in a lockable cabinet.

The chassis is built out of tubular galvanised steel, runs on twin axles and has a ball hitch so that it can be towed behind a 4×4. List price is £6,500.

Bigger versions are also available with tanks up to 9,000 litres capacity.

Bailey trailers


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Sleaford company Bailey Trailers was showing a chunky 2,000 litre bowser with a removable bunded tank, 12V 85-litres/min pump under a lockable front panel and rear storage cabinet.

High-speed axles are standard, as are LED lighting and 7m hose.

Cost is £6,400 and adding the AdBlue tank plus pump and gun brings a grand total of £7,400.

Huntsmoor Park Farm


© Jonathan Page

Buckingham firm Huntsmoor Park Farm was showing its Highway Tow Abbi Blue bunded diesel/AdBlue bowser with 960 litres of diesel and 150 litres of AdBlue.

Two 12V pumps deal with getting fuel/AdBlue into the tractor or combine and a 6m hose gives a decent chance to reach high-up combine tanks.

A flowmeter is provided.

Cost is £5,784.

UK Bunded Tanks


© Jonathan Page

UK Bunded Tanks, based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, was one of several companies offering AdBlue dispensers to go in the back of the farm pickup to complement a towed diesel bowser.

A 210 litre plastic tank for AdBlue with a 12V 30-litres/min pump costs £450.

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