Cereals 2019: Eyre Trailers shows low-cost round-bale carrier

Eyre Trailers specialises in custom builds and its latest creation is an innovative low-cost round-bale carrier that requires just one ratchet strap to hold the load in place.

The Lincolnshire firm’s simple design uses a central beam with frames hanging off either side to cradle the bottom row of bales.

This stops them rolling and angles them in slightly so the next two rows lock in securely.

According to the firm, the bales rarely budge, but a single ratchet strap running from front to rear gives added security on the road.

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At the moment, the biggest model is the 21-bale version (pictured). This holds 10 bales on the bottom row, eight on the second and three on the top.

However, the chassis is strong enough to take an extra two bales on the bottom row, upping capacity to 26.

In their standard setup, the trailers accommodate 4ft and 5ft round bales, but those wanting to move 6ft can spec slightly larger frames.

The rigs are primarily designed for hay and straw, but they can be used for silage, providing they’re only stacked two high.

Loader drivers do need to be careful of snagging wrap on the framework though, so the firm is looking at getting some smooth mouldings to reduce that risk.

Adding a set of clamp-on spikes to the framework also allows the trailer to securely carry big square bales.

Prices for the smallest single-axle trailer with 11-bale capacity start at £3,250 and the twin-axle model with 21-bale bale capacity costs £4,500.

Lightweight flatbeds are also available for similar prices.