Cereals 2019: New Stocks terminal controls two hoppers

Running two Fan Jet spreaders to throw small pellets over wide working widths had previously meant having two terminals cluttering up the cab, but Stocks now has a new screen that will control a pair of hoppers on its own.

It is capable of managing variable-rate applications from prescription maps and can reduce rates when spreading near margins or watercourses.

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The machine can be calibrated with a variety of granular products, which can then be stored in the controller to make it easier when switching between jobs.

The main run page on the screen displays two hoppers with speeds, rates and symbols indicating the discs in operation.

When coming into short work, one spreader can be shut down to improve accuracy and, if the field has been mapped first, the disc speed will gradually slow before turning off as it reaches the headland.

A rear-facing camera can also be added to monitor spread patterns.

Field maps can be uploaded from a USB stick and a work map is created that is relevant to specific fields and farms.

Auto shut-off will also be available on the spreaders when the screen is officially made available at Lamma 2020.