In pictures: Cereals 2016 – the crops, the kit and the people

Leading arable technical event Cereals took place at Chrishall Grange near Duxford on Cambridgeshire on 15 and 16 June.

As well as all of our coverage of the technical aspects, from crop plots to demonstrations, we asked our photographer to get a few shots that captured the “people” side and summed up the unique atmosphere of the two days.

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Two men consult the site map at Cereals

©Tim Scrivener

Route planning… Navigating your way around and making sure you didn’t miss anything took a bit of planning.

A man standing on a straw bale at Cereals

©Tim Scrivener

Vantage point… A straw bale gave a slightly different perspective.

Cereals visitors watch the live demonstrations

©Tim Scrivener

Coming prepared… Many visitors brought wellies, even though the two days were largely dry.

Cameraman interview at Cereals

©Tim Scrivener

On camera… The media always takes an interest in what farmers and their advisers have to say.

Visitors at the soil pit at Cereals

©Tim Scrivener

Dig this… Soil structure and management was a popular topic of conversation.

A sheep sculpture at Cereals

©Tim Scrivener

Looking sheepish… Not too many of these on show!

People networking at Cereals

©Tim Scrivener

Table talk… A chance to do business, catch up on the news and have a brief break from walking.

One of the organisers at Cereals

©Tim Scrivener

Getting ahead… Organising and running the event is a big logistical feat.

And finally… Watch some of the highlights from the two-day event. (Video ©Jonathan Page)

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