Enter for Sustainable Farmer of the Year

Could you be the first Sustainable Farmer of the Year in the Farmers Weekly Awards 2014?

This category brings together two previous categories, Countryside Farmer and Green Energy farmer of  the year, in order to showcase ways that farmers are adopting a virtuous cycle approach to their farming business; from improving biodiversity, protecting and harnessing their natural resources and seeking ways to be energy independent.

The challenge of how farms can become more sustainable is an issue which should unite all food producers, according to Patrick Holden founding director of the Sustainable Food Trust and the independent judge of this new category – Sustainable Farmer of the Year Award, sponsored by Firestone.

“Over the coming decade we need to adopt an inclusive approach to addressing the key challenges of producing high-quality food in an increasingly changeable environment. Tackling these challenges on my own farm has become a personal priority and I am privileged to have the opportunity to participate in the judging and be inspired by the examples of the entrants for this year’s Award,” he says.

“We are looking for farming  businesses that are protecting and harnessing natural resources, improving the farm’s biodiversity, seeking ways to be energy independent, recycling waste and fully integrating environmental and social needs within their crop and or animal production methods,” says Awards Director Debbie Beaton.

Enter the Awards now or nominate a deserving farmer here.

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