Grassland & Muck 2014: Schuitemaker gives latest forage wagon an outing

Dutch company Schuitemaker, which sells about 200 forage wagons a year, was showing its Rapide 10-series 55 forage wagon for the first time at Grassland and Muck.

It’s intended to be an entry-level model aimed at farmers rather than contractors and holds 31cu m of grass, which is a bit less than the 30-36cu m machines now widely used.

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However, it’s still a gearbox-driven model rather than chain driven and tandem pendulum axles and high-spec brakes are fitted. Pick-up and rotor are 1.8m wide and the 43 knives have two cutting edges and are said to be simple to change. At 5.93m, it’s also relatively short.

Lower-spec tyres are fitted and buyers can delete worklights and steering axle from the options list. That makes for a starting price of €69,000-71,000 (£55,000-57,000).