Grassland & Muck: Berti’s TSB flail tackles rushes, reeds and grasses

While big kit like forage wagons and self-propelled foragers tend to get much of the limelight, Grassland and Muck is always a good place to see smaller kit too.

Cornish firm Teagle was showing a substantial new Berti TSB flail aimed at those who need to cut down invasive rushes, reeds and grasses or veg crops after harvesting.

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A wide 203mm diameter rotor and long-shanked flails thrash against mulching blades to break up the vegetation and the company reckons this machine could save a pass with disc harrows.

Hydraulic side-shift is standard and it is available in 1,000 and 540rpm. There are seven width from 1.8-3m and power outputs start at 100hp. The 2.5m version is likely to be the most popular one and costs £7,540.