Grassland UK: Opico Pasture Harrow improves grass quality

There’s nothing new in grass and pasture harrows but, with milk prices squeezed, there has been more focus on making the most of available grassland.

Lincolnshire-based importer and manufacturer Opico has seen that reflected in sales of its Pasture Harrow in particular.

Manufactured by Hatzenbichler in Austria, the machines are designed to break up molehills and cowpats to improve the uniformity of grass growth and spread organic matter evenly across the field.

It has a rear row of tines as well, so should do a job of pulling out moss and thatch, though not to the same extent as a standard grass harrow.

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The machine comes fully galvanized in either 2.5, 5 or 6m form.

The biggest version weighs in at over 1t and, because the paddles pressing against the ground provide a fair bit of resistance, it requires as much as 120hp if you’re going to get up to the 12-15kph target speed.

The height and pitch of the tines is adjustable, and lifting the tine wheels can increase the paddle pressure. There’s also the space to mount a seeder on the back.

The 6m version costs £10,735, so it comes in almost double the price of a standard grass harrow.