Grassland UK: Tramspread offers quick-fit for Hi-Spec slurry tankers

Suffolk slurry specialist Tramspread has come up with an adaptor kit that allows its 6m dribble bar to bolt straight on to the back of a Hi-Spec slurry tanker.

The galvanised frame slots neatly into the chassis rails at the bottom and attaches to the tanker’s own rear brackets at the top.

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Tramspread says this makes it much quicker and simpler to install as you don’t have to weld on any brackets. It also keeps the tanker’s paintwork intact.

Obviously it only works with Hi-Spec tankers that are new enough to have brackets fitted.

Tramspread says the 6m dribble is a popular option among dairy farmers as it is relatively inexpensive and at the flick of a couple of valves it will double-up as a twin-nozzle spreader plate.

The 6m dribble bar with adaptor kit costs £9,500.