Lamma 2015: Alpego UK shows new stubble-buster

Alpego UK’s heavy-duty stubble busting-cultivator will make its UK debut at the show with a range of heavy duty power harrows catering for tractors up to 550hp.

The Puma PD-400 folding cultivator has 13 tines arranged in three rows with a double spring break-back mechanism providing up to 750kg resistance, That’s an industry-leading figure, says the manufacturer.

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Twist points designed to crack and mix the soil can be fitted with wings for added lift and wider soil movement. They are followed by mixing and levelling discs with sealed bearings and individual mounting to the frame using clamps with rubber cushion suspension.

A number of different finishing rollers – including a heavy duty disc roller – are available for the cultivator, which is also available 5m wide and with a trailing kit as an alternative to the standard fully-mounted couplings.

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