Lamma 2015: Kitt Agri dozer keeps cows’ food fresh

An angled “dozer blade” for refreshing forage put in front of feed barriers is being added to the Mensch Manufacturing product line handled by Kitt Agri (Stand R91).

It can be mounted conventionally on a loader or by using a simple bucket mount that enables the implement to be picked up without the driver having to step down from his vehicle.

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The mounting height is adjustable to keep the bucket as low as possible for best forward visibility and the blade is positioned to left or right by a hydraulic cylinder. In either position, the rubber blade extends beyond the loader’s wheels so there is no risk of running over fresh feed with grubby tyres.

Kitt Agri says using the Feed Alley Scraper as much as five or six times a day is recommended because pushing feed within reach of the cows encourages them to get up and feed, so it minimises waste and gets most from the feed ration.

There are several sizes, with prices starting at £850.


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