Lamma 2015: Vaderstad Opus cultivator gets UK debut

The new-design Opus cultivator from Vaderstad (Stand 118) will make its UK debut at Lamma as an implement designed to cope with large amounts of trash while still working efficiently down to 40cm without generating significant draft. 

Its tines, spaced at 27cm, are distributed across four beams and there is a generous 80cm of ground clearance, plus a choice of 20 different combinations of shins and points – including 50mm and 80mm Marathon points, which are plated with especially hard-wearing metal that is said to maintain their shape during a service life that can be five to nine times longer than ordinary points, says Vaderstad.

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The Opus is therefore an adaptable tool, available in 6-7m sizes, suitable for virtually all soil conditions and depths, with up to 700kg of adjustable hydraulic break-back pressure for each tine to maintain depth control in heavy soils. 

Two packers can be fitted – the Double SoilRunner, which has a 575mm soil-filling U-profile, and the more aggressive 600mm SteelRunner. Both have rubber suspension and adjustable pressure to suit different conditions.


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