Lamma: Anderson offers Canadian-built Stackpro

The latest automated big square bale collection system for UK growers is the Canadian-built Stackpro, which can be seen on the Anderson UK stand.

Capable of lifting bales weighing up to 1,100kg and creating a stack of 12 bales with a 120cm x 130cm cross-section, the Stackpro loads two bales on to a platform before raising them and pushing them rearwards on to the collection platform.

Back at the store, the stack is emptied by tipping the platform vertically and then driving away to leave the bales in situ.

The manufacturer says the Stackpro can also be reloaded to move stacks of bales from a stored area to a new site. Its ability to also handle a wide range of different-sized bales, along with multi-packed conventional bales, is expected to make the system popular with contractors.

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