Livestock 2012: Deluxe cubicle offers greater cow comfort

A cow cubicle system that incorporates the entire cubicle structure, including brisket board, divider rails and optional cow mat could improve cow comfort and allow cows to reach their full potential.

The Deluxe Cow Cubicle from JFC has been developed in conjunction with dairy experts and negates the requirement of a head rail that in normal cubicles is a major restriction for cows entering and leaving the cubicle.

The absence of a head rail allows cows to lie and rise with ease. Manufactured from polyethylene plastic the cubicle is impact resistant but has the added feature of flexible plastic divider rails to ensure cows enter and exit with minimum stress. The flexible divider rails are filled with polyurethane foam to give the structure greater integrity and strength.

It also encourages optimum positioning of the cow while lying and standing which promotes cow comfort and aids defecation on to the aisle. Some cows use the unique plastic brisket board as a resting pillow. When installed with a 4 degree incline this system assists gaseous release during rumination.

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