Sulky fertiliser spreaders get multi-section control

Six-segment section control features for the first time on Sulky XT trailed fertiliser spreaders being shown in the Lamma exhibit of new distribution company Sulky-Burel UK.

The spreaders use Sulky’s Epsilon broadcasting system to apply fertiliser in widths up to 50m and have weigh cells as standard. The GPS-regulated Econov system uses a TeeJet Matrix 840 GS guidance terminal to alter spreading width in steps by adjusting the fertiliser disc feed-on point.

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The aim is to minimise overlaps at headlands and during short work, and the system will compensate on curves as well as in straight lines.


On X40+ and X50+ mounted spreaders, the company’s new Quartz 800 Isobus terminal with 8in colour display can be used to operate the Econov technology in 12 sections, providing separate left/right adjustment if necessary, as well as managing curved spreading areas.

It will also handle all other spreader functions – and other Isobus-compliant implements – while simultaneously showing a guidance display.

The spreaders now come with mud shields to keep the broadcasting mechanism free of mud when operating at high speeds in wet conditions, hopper access ladders and a Tribord 3D border control, with the option to add a second on Isobus versions.

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