Wox offers bigger grass harrow system and reeler

The Greenmaster grass improvement system, made by German manufacturer Güttler and distributed in Britain by Wox Agricultural Services, comes as a rear-mounted implement, a front-mounted/rear-trailed combination to distribute the weight more evenly, and as a rear-mounted/trailed combination.

The Harroflex scarifying unit and the distinctive Güttler self-cleaning roller, formed by pairs of cast rings and a seeding system, completes the package.

Now it comes in 6m form and you can add a ripper board and two rows of 12m tines. There is now a trailed version, too, that goes up to 12m wide.

Cost of the mounted system is £33,500 and the trailed version is £35,000.

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Wox Agri drag hose

The company has also launched a pretty mighty trailed slurry pipe reeler.

It can accommodate 2,000m of pipe (most makers struggle to exceed 1,500m) and a driveline with variable-speed motor. The cost is £21,000.