10 things to do at the YFC AGM in Blackpool

As the 2016 National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (NFYFC) Annual Convention approaches, it is time for the thousands of young farmers to start preparations and packing.

We, at Farmers Weekly, have now covered many an AGM in the Lancashire seaside town of Blackpool, so we thought we would share a few tips on what to cram into the weekend…

1. Check out the Walkabout dancefloor. You’ll either love it or hate it.

2. Visit the beach and partake in the compulsory writing of your club’s name in the sand and dip your toes in the cold Blackpool sea.

Two young farmers in the sea at Blackpool

A bit nippy, lads?

3. Consider taking a donkey ride on the beach. Then learn they’re for kids and, no, there’s quite rightly no way they’re ever going to allow a 16st Young Farmer to climb on the back of one.

Donkeys at Blackpool

The pint-sized donkeys

4. Climb the Blackpool tower – the air up there should be fresh enough to clear the cloudiest of heads.

Blackpool tower from the beach

Blackpool Tower, famous for the YFC!

5. Don your best sporting attire and come and see if you can win the Farmers Weekly penalty shoot out at the Winter Gardens. Which club will come out on top?!

Young farmers on the beach

Premier league, watch out

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6. Take a tram ride. You simply can’t visit the town and not hop on this iconic method of transport. And here’s a little bit of trivia for any ‘tramspotters’ out there – the line dates back to 1885

An old Blackpool tram © Bruce Adams/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

© Bruce Adams/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

7. Dance. Dance some more. Then dance some more again. Dev Griffin from BBC Radio 1 will be DJing on the Friday night, YFC Ambassadors Scott Mills and Chris Stark will be on the decks on the Saturday night and Greg James will provide the tunes for the final party.

People in fox costumes

Foxes dancing at the YFC AGM

8. Debate whether the Lancashire venue is a charming seaside or, in fact, a place you wouldn’t visit in a million years were it not for Young Farmers.

People in deck chairs on the Golden Mile © Peter Lomas/REX/Shutterstock

© Peter Lomas/REX/Shutterstock

9. Eat fish and chips. We’ll have large cod and chips please, with lots of salt and vinegar. Mushy peas? Oh go on then, if you insist.

Queing and fish and chip stall © Jonathan Player/REX/Shutterstock

© Jonathan Player/REX/Shutterstock

10. Grab a Farmers Weekly t-shirt at registration, take a selfie in it and share it with us on social media. Our five favourites will win a stylish Farmers Weekly hoodie.

One of last year's t-shirts

One of last year’s t-shirts

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