11 top farming YouTube channels to watch

Farmers are a rare breed – one that likes to spend all hours working and then spend any free time talking about, learning about and watching how other people in the industry do their job.

Fortunately, this indulgence is getting even easier with the upsurge in popular and good-quality agriculture YouTube channels that aim to entertain farmers and non-farmers alike.

Farmers Weekly has collated a list of the most-subscribed and most-viewed channels from the UK and further afield.

1. Grassmen

This Northern Ireland team – headed up by Gareth Gault, AKA Donkey – is well-known among most farming folk and has racked up 132,000 subscribers.

The agri-machinery enthusiasts have gained fans by testing and showcasing kit and being one-take wonders, alongside releasing DVDs.

Since joining YouTube in 2007, the channel’s most popular video has clocked up 8.3m views.

2. Tom Pemberton Farm Life

Since 2016, Lancashire dairy farmer Tom Pemberton has used his channel to share what everyday life looks like for him and his family – with dad Andrew also making regular appearances.

Over the years, he has become more confident in front of the camera, added a slick editing style and invested in some impressive equipment, with drone footage often featuring.

He currently has 125,000 subscribers and 971,000 views on his most-watched video.

3. The Funky Farmer

In Gloucestershire, Richard Cornock has been flying the flag for British farming for 10 years and has 114,000 subscribers.

He shares what daily life is like on a dairy farm, challenges, and funny videos like “What’s in the back of my 4×4?”

His most-viewed video, titled “Milking in an abreast parlour”, has been seen by a huge number of people – 17m to be exact.

4. George Saunders

On his self-titled channel, Bedfordshire-based George Saunders posts about life as an agricultural contractor, from travelling to working and attending machinery shows and showcases.

Since 2012, the professional photographer has accrued 90,200 subscribers and 2m views on his most popular video.

5. Olly’s Farm

Olly has been posting videos about his family farm in Norwich since 2016 and has hit 63,800 subscribers.

He uses the mixed farm as a base for explaining where food comes from, sharing machinery tours and machinery reviews, and hosting educational visits.

His most-viewed video, “A day in the life of a farmer”, has reached 981,000 people.

6. It’s A Farming Life For Me

Tractor driver and relief sprayer operator Andrew Rampton makes videos about his daily work and all the machinery he uses.

The business also has beef cattle and sheep, and farms land across three units, totalling 688ha.

After two years of uploading, Andrew currently has 18,400 subscribers and 208,000 views on a seven-month-old JBC Fastrac 4220 demo video.

7. Farming Photography

Dave Franciosy’s channel hosts footage from his Stamford-based agricultural photography and video company.

The machinery tours, vehicles in action, harvest coverage and drone shots have attracted 13,900 subscribers.

8. Farmer Phil

Irish farmer Phil runs an agri-contracting business and a dairy calf to beef enterprise, rearing about 400 calves a year.

He has been uploading videos since 2015, starting out with farming simulator tutorials, before moving on to sharing his life, reviews and opinions.

“Top 10 tractor brands in the world” is his most-watched video, with 792,000 views, and he has 12,700 subscribers.


This channel was created in 2018 to host a year-long docu-series about life on a family livestock holding in Buckinghamshire, which intended to educate the public about British farming.

Stars mum and son double act Sarah and Rufus Denne decided to continue posting the entertaining videos once this year ended, much to the delight of their 8,670 subscribers.

10. The Swaley Man

Teenager Sam Hutchinson documents the work he does alongside his family through the farming calendar.

He works with a flock of 680 Swaledale sheep and a small Blonde d’Aquitaine suckler herd on a hill farm in Cumbria.

With 7,750 subscribers, his most-watched video (featuring a brand new quad bike) has almost 10 times that reach, with 71,000 views.

11. Gwenyn Gruffydd

Gruffydd Rees shares videos about his work as a beekeeper, country living in Carmarthenshire, and his opinions, such as “Is farming in the UK killing the planet?”

His first video was uploaded in 2018 and he has attracted 645 subscribers.

The channel’s most popular video, titled “How to stop bees attacking you”, has 10,000 views.  

 Most-watched farming YouTube channels in the world

1. Justin Rhodes

US farmer Justin Rhodes has the most-subscribed agricultural YouTube channel.

He features life on a family livestock farm, which includes cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens.

  • Subscribers: 575,000
  • Number of total views: 124,949,651

2. How Farms Work

Located in Wisconsin, US, this channel showcases several beef and arable farms, including equipment operation, techniques, daily activities and farming strategies.

  • Subscribers: 250,000
  • Number of total views: 75,031,217

3. Millenial Farmer 

This account shares the day-to-day experience on an arable farm in Minnesota, US, opinions on various topics, machinery tours and visits to other farms and businesses.

  • Subscribers: 409,000
  • Number of total views: 78,495,105

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