24 golden pieces of advice for new entrants from FW readers

There’s one thing everyone in farming needs from time to time – and that’s good advice.

These wise words are much-needed in a challenging and ever-changing business like agriculture – and never more so than when you’re first starting out.

Farmers Weekly asked its social media friends and followers: What’s the best bit of farming advice you could give a new entrant?

We hope you find this selection of the responses informative and entertaining.

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James Smith's advice

Ben Lloyds advice

Stuart Davies advice

Christopher Beckwith's advice

Josh Holmes advice

Robert Guillford's advice

Pippa Smith's advice

Rona Amiss' advice

Louie Purdy's advice

Ricky Leigh's advice

Elizabeth Darbyshire's advice

Bradley Sykes' advice

David Redgate's advice

Philip Eddy's advice

Jules Linee's advice

David Milne's advice

Hefin Jones' advice

Marie-Claire Allington's advice

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