7 magic moments that make farmers feel great

Life feels very uncertain at the moment. What with BPS and Brexit, there’s a lot up in the air and, whether you are a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full type, these can be confusing times. 

Take heart, however. In this fast-changing, unpredictable world, some things never change.

Even if you do sometimes feel beset by uncertainty, this job still provides moments of pleasure. Moments when you simply think: GET IN.

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Andrew Meredith collates seven moments that will never cease to give us joy.  

1. A job well done

OK, so the first lamb or calf of the season was pretty special, but now you are sleep-deprived, you smell, and you’ve been living on sugary sweets and caffeine for the past three weeks.

This is why the last one is extra special. Ditto shutting the door on a full grain shed.

Holstein cow licking newly born Red Holstein bull calf, in straw calving yard

© FLPA / John Eveson/REX/Shutterstock

2. Just in time

Found a cow with her bed out? Electrical malfunction on the forage harvester with 10 acres to go? What a glorious feeling when the right person just “happens to be in the area”, and they have everything they need in the van.

Bish-bash-bosh, the vet or mechanic is on hand, and you can get on with your day.

3. Nabbing a bargain

You’re off to market or a farm sale and have the budget all worked out. You really want those in-calf heifers from Billy Big Breeder down the road, but last year they made £2,500 each, and that’s way too much for this year.

They look absolute crackers again, but there’s no way you’ll be the last bid, is there? Lo and behold, it’s sparse round the ring and you end up going home with five instead of four, and even enough money for a fry-up. 

4. Beating the rain

Whether you just finished rolling in the last of the rape or fencing the boundary to keep out those hungry mountain ewes, you can’t help but feeling gleeful when the rain arrives minutes after you leave the field.

Not that you like to take pleasure in the misfortune of others, of course, but it’s even better if you drive by someone else with soil-clad machinery or the water flowing down their neck.

Combine harvester in the field

David Hartley/REX/Shutterstock

5. The top of the market

You’ve watched the wheat price line on the screen inch upwards for a couple of weeks and held your nerve.

All your friends have already sold half the shed a month ago to pay for the fertiliser, but you held your nerve and sold yesterday.

This morning you wake up to news that there’s a huge harvest predicted in Australia and that the price has tumbled overnight.

6. Uh, finally

It can be as small as rehanging the gates you have been heaving open and shut, or as big as building the new shed that is just right for your system.

Either way, you have been so busy doing the essentials, you haven’t had a chance to tackle this job until now. Enjoy that huge sense of satisfaction from getting around to something that makes your life easier.

7. The simple pleasures

Your mum putting your tea in front of you, your boyfriend or girlfriend saying they’re in tonight if you want to come round, a visit from one of the kids when you’re out combining, those first few exquisite seconds of silence after your turn the tractor, combine or drier off after a long harvest day. No wonder we are always ready to do it all again tomorrow…

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