9 farm photos as snow sweeps across Britain

Unless you have been living in a bunker for the past few days, you will know that it has been snowing in many parts of the UK, with Wales and the Midlands bearing the brunt.

Yesterday (10 November) about 140,000 homes were left without power as heavy snow and strong winds battered Britain, and temperatures dipped to as low as -12C on Sunday night in Northumberland.

True to form, our wonderful readers have been busy snapping snowy rural scenes in all their beauty – here are some of our absolute favourites.

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Yorkshire Dales

Julia Chapman sent us this wintry photo of sheep adjusting to the chilly landscape on the Yorkshire Dales.

Sheep in snow in Yorkshire Dales

Heavy snow in Wales

Young farmer Tom Parry took this photo of Texels in the snow in the Brecon Beacons area.

Sheep in snow in wales

And Matty Thomas took this one on a hill in Llanidloes, Powys, about 1,950ft above sea level.

Sheep buried in snow

Sledging on the farm

Here are Josie and Freddie having a blast sledging in the snow on the farm. Check out their matching sledge and overalls.

Children playing in the snow

New worker’s snow joke

Looks like the guys at Hoys Farm are short of workers. We are not sure much ploughing is going to get done with this frosty character in charge, though. Tara Davies sent this one in to us.

Snowman with single furrow plough

Snow-covered pig sty

Janet Powell sent in this chilly shot of the farm’s pig sty after the first big dump of the white stuff in mid-Wales.

Pig sty in snow

Chilly Charolais

Vince and Melita Corbett sent in this photo of one of their heifers in the snow in Powys. This beauty is called Teme Lollypop, an 18-month-old pedigree Charolais enjoying the snow at 1,400ft on the Welsh border.

Heifer in the snow

Hairy Highland

This inquisitive Highland certainly won’t have trouble keeping warm in the snow in Shropshire. Lisa Lupton of Church Stretton send us this one.

Highland cow in snow

Snowy silage bales

Alexandra from Northern Ireland quite rightly points out that black-wrapped silage bales look like pints of Guinness when it snows.

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