Beat back pain

BACK ACHE is something farmers know about only too well – but this book aims to help you avoid or reduce it.

Written by Dr Ruth Chambers, who has been a GP for more than 20 years, it promises “52 brilliant ideas” on how to beat back pain.

Although not aimed specifically at farmers, each chapter is designed to provide an inspirational idea that can be read quickly and put into practice straight away.

“There are heart transplants, kidney transplants, even hair transplants – but they don”t do back transplants (yet) – so it”s down to you to make your back last a lifetime,” Dr Chambers explains.

It goes on to provide, in an easy-to-read way, advice relating to the workplace, positive thinking, dealing with experts and medicine. Everything from the use of aromatherapy oils to what a bad back can mean for your sex life is covered in this book.

* Beat Back Pain – Find Your Way to Ease the Strain. By Dr Ruth Chambers. 12.99. Published by Infinite Ideas.