Bill Bailey stars in FACE video

Comedian and actor Bill Bailey has lent his unique brand of humour to a new video that promotes the work of leading countryside education charity FACE.

Bill, who has recently finished a sell-out UK tour, spent a day at Hayes Hill Farm in Essex to film the two minute clip, which sees him imparting some dubious “facts” about the countryside to a group of London schoolchildren.

FACE were introduced to Bill through a London communications agency, who took a shine to their work helping children understand where their food comes from, how it is produced, and how the countryside is maintained.

“Very often celebrity endorsements for food and farming come from within the industry itself, but we wanted to make a connection with someone unexpected,” said Bill Graham, head of education at FACE.

“Bill Bailey certainly isn’t the first person you think of when you think about the countryside, but he’s a natural comedian and was a hit with the children in between takes. Yes the video is fun and funny, but it still gets a serious message across.”

Find out more about what it was like to work with Bill Bailey on FW’s Field Day blog.

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