About Boots and Heels

Boots and Heels is a podcast and video series which aims to bridge the gap between farmers and non-farmers, showing how people from different backgrounds can find a foothold in this diverse and exciting industry.

Watch the videos and listen to the podcasts comprising series one to three, presented by Lizzie McLaughlin, the "heels" of the team, and Becca Wilson, the "boots" of the duo.

Read more about the presenters below.

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Series three videos

Meet the hosts

About Becca

I’m a fifth-generation farmer from North Yorkshire, so I am the “boots” in Boots and Heels.

I work full time on my family farm and truly believe that everyone, whether they are from an agricultural background or not, should have the chance to get involved in such a fantastic sector that has so much to offer.

I have an MSc in Rural Estate Management from the Royal Agricultural University, and I am active member of my local Young Farmers’ Club. It’s a fantastic organisation where I have met friends for life and learned about areas of agriculture which were completely new to me.

The idea for Boots and Heels stemmed from frequent conversations with Lizzie about how the industry is perceived by those outside of agriculture.

By looking at the industry from our different perspectives we can help educate and empower people to get involved with farming, no matter their background.

About Lizzie

Coming, as I do, from a non-farming family, I am the “heels” in the Boots and Heels duo. Neither my background nor my choice of shoes could ever hold back my passion for farming, though.

I joined the agricultural world almost four years ago in a marketing role for the poultry sector. I was immediately hooked on this brilliant industry.

I want to champion women in agriculture, help break down stereotypes, showcase the vast range of opportunities, encourage the next generation to get on board, help educate consumers, and bring a new perspective to the challenges the industry faces.

Where you grew up should never be a barrier to getting involved with farming. Through Boots and Heels, Becca and I aim to prove that to everyone with an interest in where our food comes from.

Series one and two podcasts



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