Video: Clarkson fails at rounding up sheep on Grand Tour

While he might own a farm in Oxfordshire, Jeremy Clarkson proved he certainly isn’t a farmer in the latest episode of The Grand Tour, as he attempted to round up sheep with a rally car.

In the latest episode of the Amazon Prime series, which was released for streaming on 5 January, the motoring presenter used a rally-spec Subaru Impreza to bring a flock into a pen “in an exciting and exuberant way”.

Jeremy Clarkson in rally car © Grand Tour

© Grand Tour

It was all part of Clarkson’s idea to make his very own version of a thrilling and highly popular style of YouTube video, in which a car races and drifts around a make-shift course.

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“That’s very impressive, but is it? I don’t think it is, because every time you make a bit of a mistake you cut to a shot of the rev counter or changing gear… and then you get back to the action again. It’s just editing,” said Mr Clarkson as he introduced his plans to viewers on the show.

With a farm chosen as his playground, he set off, charging around after a field of sheep in a bid to drive them into a pen while making some exhilarating television, creating the illusion of running down and killing several animals in the process.

Watch the clip below of Jeremy Clarkson trying to get some sheep into a pen. And yes, we know it’s all staged and just a bit of a laugh. 

We think it’s best if he sticks to car reviews in the future. This clearly is not the right way to bring sheep into a pen, but it’s worth pointing out that no livestock were harmed in the making of this video.

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Dubbed “Farmkhana”, a tongue-in-cheek take on the popular Gymkhana videos made by professional rally driver Ken Block, the feature saw Mr Clarkson tear around an idyllic farm setting, drifting and spinning his way through fields, barns and gateways.

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