Coronavirus: Farmers share field messages to NHS staff and care workers

Farmers are showing their appreciation for NHS and social care workers tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

Fields have been used to pay tribute to the frontline workers, following the “Clap For Carers” that took place across the UK on 26 March.

North Devon agronomist Matt Alford helped organise a 360x130m NHS sign to be mown in one of his grower’s fields (see main image).

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John and James Govier own the land in South Molton, which now shows the appreciation farmers in the area have for the healthcare staff who are battling to save lives.

Barnaby Newell, who also lives in the area, used his drone to take pictures and film this video:

Mr Alford told Farmers Weekly: “I saw a couple of farmers doing similar things, and thought we should do something to say thank you as well. South Molton has its own hospital and lots of farmers in the area have friends or family working for the NHS.

“It is just a bit of goodwill for the guys in the NHS who are having a tough time. We all have close links, so it is our way of showing our appreciation.”

Love for the NHS

Oxfordshire farmer Ben Wilson, who manages the Glympton Estate near Blenheim Palace, showed his appreciation by drawing a huge heart in his field. 

NHS and heart mowed into field

© Ben Wilson

He posted the picture on Twitter (@farmerben4) and said: “Had a little play in the field pre-spring oats. Farmer supporting other frontline workers.”

He told Farmers Weekly: “I’ve got friends in the NHS and my dad is going through cancer treatment.

“Not only are staff dealing with the coronavirus, they are also carrying on as much as they can with all the other people who need care.”

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