Enter Farmers Weekly’s caption competition

Can you come up with a suitably humorous caption for this picture?

If so, why not enter our March caption competition – there’s £25 to be won by the person who submits the one we like best.

When you’ve dreamt up your best caption, just add it to the comment section below or you can read through what other readers have written on the designated thread on our website forums (if you haven’t already registered with FWiSPace, you’ll need to do so, but this only takes a minute).

Here are three that have made us chuckle so far:

• “I think these two wish to head to the ‘ring’.” martyboy

• “Today two cows where spotted practising their Bay Watch mooves.” Farmer Flooooo

• “Cow on the right is saying ‘I wouldn’t go swimming if I were you – the water is friesian at this time of year’.”Crop_Sciences

Enter the competition on the forums or leave your caption suggestions below.

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